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Hold the door open for her, pick up the tab, don’t bring up any of your exes… Do all of these classic dating rules still apply today, or have they changed? If we knew for sure, perhaps it would help to quell some of the nervousness we feel before any first date, which is important because when we feel nervous, we can’t really be ourselves. Here are some tips to help calm your thoughts and allow you to enjoy a first date while making an excellent first impression.

Letters to Santa are only for children; resurrect this tradition for you and your spouse but add a romantic twist. Each year write each other a Dear Santa letter. Take this opportunity to summarize your hopes and dreams for the next year. Then exchange letters. This can be a great way to broach topics regarding your future together and your collective goals. By talking regularly about what direction you want your lives to take, you will grow closer together with every Christmas that passes.

Check their website for coupons and special offers before going to the Faulkner Winery. They believe in aged wines especially their reds. They offer indoor and outdoor wine tasting areas. And can handle banquets or other events for your group.

First, I didn’t begin anything without asking what my objective was for doing it. What did I want to accomplish? It didn’t matter if I was taking a shower, making dinner, chatting with a friend or client, or writing. Let me tell you, it sure wasn’t easy to train my mind to answer these. I had taken them for granted for so long, I just did them without thinking. So many times I wanted to toss the task aside as common sense, and how ridiculously small, so why did I need to know the objective? I soon realized that in order to go big you need to start small. The good part was knowing the small was just there long enough.

Ask questions. And listen to her answers. This is a big one, and for some reason it is overlooked by a lot of men. Ask her questions about her interests, her loves, her hobbies, etc. Steer clear of religion and politics on the first date. But pretty much anything else you can ask her about is good.

Dress with finesse. It is likely that your date will put a good deal of care and thought into her outfit, hair and makeup. Don’t show up looking like a slob. Some may argue that a suit is too formal or intimidating for a first date, but it depends on what the date entails. If you are going to a late night dinner, then for a horse and carriage wedding ride, don the suit. Obviously, more casual dates warrant more casual wear. But even if you dress casually, you can, and probably should, still wear a tie. Just experiment with more casual tie knots, such as a black skinny tie or even a retro knit tie.

Between immediate family, extended family, co-workers, friends and neighbors, gift giving can take a whole week to accomplish. Take the time as newlyweds to decide when the two of you will exchange your gifts. Some follow the save the best for last philosophy; others find some quiet time late on Christmas Eve to be romantic. Whatever suits you best, choose when you will traditionally exchange your gifts.

Say goodnight in a clear manner. Don’t meander off or dilly-dally. Whether it is with a kiss or a hug, say goodnight in a clear and polite manner. Don’t just offer a handshake, because it is, after all, a date and not a business meeting. If you do go for the kiss, make it brief. Don’t be pushy. Body language will indicate to you whether there will be an encore.